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Release Date: 8 January 2021

Story of an outstanding artist dealing with the effects of Lockdown on his projects along with facing the truth of life - Its uncertainty. The photographer who covers a story and afterwards due to some mishappening gets stunned. But time never stops. Life is a train that gets back on the track moving towards new destinations. And it goes on.

Cast & Crew Director - Deepankar Prakash 

Producer - Vikas Vashistha

Writer - Abhishek Goswami

Screenplay - Deepankar Prakash

 Cast - Abhishek Goswami, Nishant Kumar, Aditya Sharma

Assistant Director - Gagan Pareek, Harshit Saini, Nikita Verma

Production Manager - Yogesh Tiwari

 Casting Director - Yash Sharma

 Cinematographer - Puneet Dhakar

 Asst. Cinemato. - Aakash Bhaliya

 Editor - Mayur Tela, Sandeep Saini

Art director - Team DPF Sound

 Recordist - Aakash Bhaliya

Sound Design - Mayur Tela DI

Colorist - Puneet Dhakar

Background Score - Abhishek Jain, Satvik

Sakar Lights - Zaheen Khan